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Treatment of Minor Burns or Skin Irritations

Burns and skin irritations can be relatively minor concerns, or they can be severe enough to be life-threatening. This is especially true of burns, which are both some of the most painful and difficult injuries a patient can face. Most minor burns and skin irritations can be safely treated at home, though some cases may require a trip to an urgent care medical facility. Burns that cover more than 10% of your body will require transfer to a burn clinic. MD First Primary & Urgent Care can provide care for minor burns and skin irritations at its 1130 Hwy 9 Bypass W location in Lancaster, SC.

How Will I Know If I Should Go To Urgent Care For My Burn?

It can be difficult to determine how deep a burn wound goes, so it’s often best to see a physician or call a clinic for advice for any burn. Some guidelines to follow regarding your need to seek medical attention are:

  • Where The Burn Is Located: If your feet, hands, ears, eyes, face, or genitals have been burned get to a medical facility immediately. These areas tend to have a higher risk of permanent damage from a wound.
  • Severity of Burn: If you see any blistering, charring, or white marks to your wound, it’s essential to get to a physician. These are indicators of a more severe wound. If you aren’t experiencing any pain from the burn, you should also get to a physician immediately since this suggests nerve damage.
  • Size Of The Burn: The larger the burn, the more likely you should be seeing a physician for it. Anything larger than your palm needs a visit to the doctor’s office immediately.
  • Infection: If your burn begins to smell bad, swells, or has additional redness, it may have become infected, and you should go to the doctor.
  • Worsening Condition: If the burn starts off seeming relatively minor but continues to get worse, it’s time to get to the doctor. Swelling, pain and a darkening of color are all signs you need medical attention.

To be clear, you don’t need to be experiencing more than one of these conditions for a trip to the doctor’s office to be necessary. Even one of these is enough to get attention immediately. If you aren’t sure, then call our office at 1-803-238-2300 to speak to our medical staff.

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What About Skin Irritations?

In general, skin irritations are not an emergent or urgent situation, depending on their cause. If you’ve had a rash and it has continued to spread, get more severe, or is accompanied by pain or fever, you want to see a physician. Skin irritations caused by exposure to chemicals are also sufficient cause for you to come into urgent care or even emergency room as these can continue to cause damage even after exposure. Skin irritations can include ulcerations, scaling, and blister formation accompanied by itching, skin bumps, or discoloration of the skin.

At MD First Primary & Urgent Care, we see patients for conditions like these every day. If you have any questions about your rash, burn, or other skin irritations, call us immediately for an appointment. You can also visit our office in Lancaster, SC, for an assessment and consultation on the next steps for treating your condition.

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