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School Physicals

Back-To-School Physicals are an essential part of your child’s scholastic experience. MD First Primary & Urgent Care is proud to serve the Lancaster, SC community get their kids checked and ready for school each year. Whether it’s your child’s first year at school or their Senior Year, it’s a necessary part of the back-to-school experience.

Routine Physicals

Your child’s back-to-school experience check-up starts with a standard examination. Your child’s vitals will be checked, including the throat, mouth, ears, nose, eyes, abdomen, lungs, skin, and heart. Hernia and scoliosis will also be checked for as appropriate for the child’s age. Gross-motor development, fine-motor development, and reflexes are checked as well to make sure your child is developing properly, and no health concerns exist. 

What’s Included In A Back-To-School Exam?

Once the initial assessment is done, there are few other steps that are taken to complete the back-to-school physical. The additional steps include:

  • Medical History Review – Your physician will go over your child’s medical history to check for any congenital concerns or chronic illnesses. This portion of the exam will be paper-heavy, so make sure you have all your records in order before you arrive. Also included will be a review of all medication your child takes regularly.
  • Preventative Screenings – Now that the child’s medical history has been completed, the next step involves turning an eye to their medical future. This step screens for chronic illnesses and serious diseases that can be caught in advance. Skin and blood tests are a common part of this process, checking for lead poisoning, diabetes, tuberculosis, and high cholesterol, depending on the age of your child.
  • Immunizations – This step ensures that your child is up to date on their vaccinations as dictated by the state requirements. Modified or spaced out immunization plans are not available, all children immunized at our clinic will be done according to the standardized plan dictated by the state.
Child receiving care from a physician

Sports Physicals

Millions of kids across the country take part in school sports every year, and sports physicals are an essential part of making sure they’re safe and ready to play. It surprises most parents to learn that the most common injuries in school sports occur during practice, rather than happening at the games. Of all school sports, soccer, basketball, and football are those most commonly associated with injuries.

Sports physicals aren’t just for children and teenagers. All athletic leagues and schools require sports physicals for their participants. They are the first line of defense against issues occurring in an athlete’s body that could result in injury or prevent safe participating in the sport. During the physical, the doctor will determine the athlete’s condition and indicate areas that are most likely to experience injury or need strengthening.

What Happens During a Sports Physical?

During the physical, that doctor will check the athlete for flexibility, joints, and basic vitals, including vision. They will also be assessed to determine any relevant physical limitations. A vaccination record is not an important part of a sports physical, though it may be required before they can participate in sports activities depending on the state.

  • Vitals Check: Blood pressure, pulse rate, height, and weight will all be checked during your child’s visit.
  • Eye Exam: This exam will determine if it’s necessary for your child’s prescription to be changed or adjusted.
  • Fitness Assessment: The patient’s throat, lungs, nose, ears, heart, and abdomen will all be inspected for any concerns that can cause physical limitations.
  • Joints and Flexibility: The strength and stability of the patient’s joints, posture, and flexibility will all be assessed.

If you have any further questions about our services or details about the physicals and exams offered, give our offices a call at 1-803-283-2300. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and schedule an appointment for your child’s next physical at our office at 1130 Hwy 9 Bypass W in Lancaster, SC.

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