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Do you have COPD?

The study will compare the  efficacy, safety  and tolerability of  Investigational medication with another widely used medication for moderate to severe COPD. The effect will be monitored by frequent spirometry. The initial studies have shown very promising results. The study is approved by an independent Ethics committee or Institutional Review Board.

You may be eligible to participate if you:

  • are 40yrs of age or older
  • must have current or past smoking history of at least 10yrs
  • have a diagnosis of moderate to severe COPD

Duration of study:

  • 52 weeks

As a participant you will :

  • take study medication by inhalation device  daily for 1yr
  • be given free study medication  as well as rescue inhaler and study related supplies for the duration of study
  • be given diary to note down the effect
  • visit study center 6 times  in 1yr
  • you will continue your other medications
  • may not need to discontinue any medication to participate
  • be reimbursed for your time and travel at every visit

Call 803-283-2300 (Ext 4) for more details.

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