Autism spectrum disorders encompass various characteristics with varying degrees of impairments in social interactions, communication skills, and often repetitive behaviors. As a developmental disability, it can completely alter how one thinks and understands the world, and as a spectrum, every autistic person is different. As a parent, it’s important to know what autism is and how it can affect your child, and at MD First Primary & Urgent Care, we can provide effective support for children and families when identifying and treating health concerns for autistic patients. 

What Does it Mean For Your Child To Have Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autistic people think differently from non-autistic people, often experiencing differences in sensory processing with vision, touch, hearing, smell, and taste. When a child has autism, they experience the world differently and therefore engage in their world through how they interpret things. Every autistic child is different; that’s why autism is referred to as a spectrum, as it encompasses different symptoms and characteristics that vary according to each person’s experience. 

However, when psychiatrists diagnose autism, certain characteristics can be traced. These include: 

When a diagnosis is reached, it’s important to work with a supportive healthcare team that understands your child’s needs and can provide them with the resources they need to advocate for themselves and grow. As each child is unique, your healthcare members should always tailor their approach to meet their needs and work on their strengths for better health and well-being.

Let Us Help Your Child Experience A Full Life

While an ASD diagnosis can seem confusing for families, it’s important to remember that having an autistic child can bring out more joy in your life than ever before when they’re seen as a gift in your life. At MD First Primary & Urgent Care, we work to advocate for their health and agency and empower them and their families toward better health. For more information about how we care for autistic patients, contact us today by calling (803) 283-2300 and visiting us in Lancaster, SC.