As health problems continue to rise, urgent care remains an important source of treatment for many non-life-threatening conditions. Nearly 70% of urgent care treatment involves care for the ears, nose, and throat for those who constantly suffer from ENT problems. Most patients under these circumstances will most likely make their first visit to an urgent care facility for excessive snoring, sinus infections, dizziness, and excessive allergies. Below, we will describe some of the various treatments performed for common ENT problems and help you decide whether you should see an urgent care facility or an ENT specialist for treatment.

Why Patients Often Choose Urgent Care For ENT Treatment

More often than not, people with ENT conditions are making more visits to their local urgent care than their primary physicians or ENT specialists. One of the main reasons people often see an urgent care doctor over their specialist is the time and effort it takes to get a referral to an ENT specialist, especially if their symptoms become so prominent to the point where waiting isn’t an option. In the pursuit of care, urgent care practices can treat immediate symptoms that, although not life-threatening, can severely impact one’s quality of life and present an immediate concern. So, what kinds of conditions can an urgent care facility treat? Some common ENT conditions that people see the Urgent Care for include:

The symptoms often associated with the conditions above can be a highly unpleasant experience, especially if they cannot be properly managed. What it takes to receive treatment from a specialist can be dauntingly long. Still, at an urgent care facility, patients can find immediate relief that allows them to wait for their specialist referral for an appointment. Urgent care in these circumstances can be an excellent first stop for your ENT concerns, but seeing a specialist for long-term problems such as cholesteatoma and dysphagia will need to be seen by a specialist as they can present health concerns that impact your life significantly.

Types of ENT Treatment Found At Urgent Care

ENT treatments at urgent care facilities are most often for acute cases. The symptoms come on suddenly or occur frequently enough to be treated as a one-time instance of the condition easily. However, chronic, reoccurring symptoms need to be seen by a specialist as they can properly diagnose the condition and help provide you with the treatment you need. Some common treatments found in urgent care for acute ENT conditions can include

If you are suffering from any symptoms associated with an ENT condition that present immediate but non-life-threatening circumstances to your health, make sure to visit your local urgent care facility for treatment. Through your local urgent care team, they’ll provide you with the care you need and help redirect you to a specialist if necessary.