Advanced Lipid Testing

You may be at risk for Heart Attack !

  • Do you have a family History of Heart attack?
  • Do you have Sleep apnea?
  • Is your Blood sugar high but not high enough to call it Diabetes?
  • Do you have Depression?
  • Are you Overweight?
  • Do you have chronic Kidney Disease?

Studies have shown that over 50% of patients who suffer a heart attack or stroke have “normal” LDL cholesterol levels.Testing for just Good and Bad cholesterol by traditional lipid profile may give a false sense of security as it can miss more than half of patients at risk of cardiovascular disease. If you have a family history of Heart attack at young age or have a history of Pre-Diabetes (stage before Diabetes), Sleep apnea, Kidney disease, Depression, the risk multiplies many fold. Comprehensive Advanced lipid testing which also includes some genetic tests is the only way to determine your True risk for heart attack.

Please schedule an appointment with your physician here at MDFirst Primary & Urgent Care.  After determining the risk, we will create a personalized Treatment Plan for you.

The test is covered by most Insurance.